One of the main reasons I practice at White Pine Yoga is because it offers a place where I can practice mindfulness - focusing on my breathing and connecting to my body. This is something I need in my life. In a nutshell, practicing yoga improves my quality of life, both physically and mentally.
I recommend this studio to everyone and I applaud Shannon and Pete for taking a chance as young entrepreneurs. By following their dream, they brought us a gem in the heart of the Ottawa Valley.

Julie, Pembroke

Practicing yoga at WPY provides an added dimension to my whole fitness routine that keeps me motivated and on track to being a healthy person.
Peter and Shannon have created a wonderful space in which to be free to grow and be blissful.

Aubrey, Petawawa

Initially, I was hesitant to try yoga as I thought that you had to be athletic, fit and flexible. Not being all of those things, I thought that yoga would not be a good fit for me and my present abilities. Although WPY had been recommended to me by people I trusted, I was shy to come and give it a try. When I noticed an advertisement for a beginner yoga class at WPY, I decided to take the plunge by registering.
Yoga has had so many positive impacts on my life. I am learning how to breathe more fully which has helped to manage headaches, I am increasing my fitness levels and perhaps most importantly, I am learning how to quiet my mind, which tends to race and be filled with all of the things I need or want to do in life. All of these benefits are helping me to handle stress better which in turn is having a positive impact on my patience and skill as a parent, at work and in all other aspects of my life. The biggest takeaway I have from practicing yoga is that there is far more to yoga than the physical poses, and the depth to which you want to practice yoga is an individual choice.
WPY provides a calm, safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment to practice yoga. All ages, stature and ability mix together in the classes and it doesn't matter! What I find awesome is that while the practice is in a class environment, you truly focus on yourself and making improvements in your own practice and you become oblivious to all others in the class. That sounds wistful but it is actually true! No one else cares what you can and cannot do, they are simply not paying attention.
I would, and have, recommended WPY to others. The instructors are very knowledgeable about yoga, the human body and the interfaces between mind and body. I am so thankful I found the courage to join WPY, my life has changed for the better because of it!

Melanie, Pembroke

Something always holds me back from trying physical pursuits. It's always the same nasty little voice in my head that tells me I won't be any good at it... When I used to think about going to a yoga class I would feel intimidated, anxious and sad. I knew I would love yoga but then I would think about how I was not slim enough, not fit enough. The only thing holding me back from trying yoga was myself, and I did a really good job of it for a long time. When I started my yoga practice at WPY I began to change my perception of what yoga was, what a yoga class looked like and most importantly-how I felt when I thought about me doing yoga. Now, when I think about going to a yoga class at White Pine, I feel excited, I feel confident and I feel so very grateful for the positive impact my practice has had on my life.

Tricia, Pembroke

White Pine Yoga is an accepting and nurturing studio where anyone who is interested in beginning a yoga practice or is already a veteran yogi will be comfortable, challenged and respected. They offer a diversity of classes that really target various aspects of life from fitness, relaxation, deep stretching, classes for kids, workshops and weekend retreats. Pete and Shannon make an effort to get to know their students personally and respond to the specific needs of each individual. White Pine Yoga is an asset to the community and I HIGHLY recommend them.

Allison, mother and teacher

I moved to the Pembroke area in August of 2013 from Ottawa, and was so happy to find out that there was a dedicated yoga center in the local area. Moving from Ottawa, with an abundance of great centers to practice in, I was worried that I just wouldn't find a quality place to go to after I moved here. Well, one hot class with Shannon changed all that! I've been an avid yoga practitioner since 2007 when I tried a class out of sheer boredom, fell in love, and never looked back! Thank you Shannon and Pete for all that you offer and see you "on the mat"!

Kelli, Pembroke

White Pine Yoga has been a huge gift to our community! The thoughtful and encouraging way that both Shannon and Pete teach, as well as their constant reminders that our yoga postures shouldn't look like anyone else's create a sense of ease in the studio. This allows us to really sink into the postures for ourselves with acceptance of where our bodies are at on any particular day, and allows for healing while reducing the possibility of injury. They create an opportunity for self discovery on the mat in an environment that is supportive, non-competitive and loving .

Heidi, Nurse Practitioner